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9/11 - Related Links

    Here is New York

    The Oral History Project of Columbia University

    "Our Grief is Not A Cry For War" Protest and Performance

    Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett's "Kodak Moments, Flashbulb
    Memories: Reflections on 9/11"

    The Guys, a world premiere play commissioned by
    the Flea Theater in response to the events of 9/11

        Flea Theatre

        Off Off Off Film Reviews

        CNN Review

    Tribeca Film Festival

    The late Bill Biggart's photo archive of 9/11

    "Portraits of Grief," archived by The New York Times

    Lorie Novak's website

International Trauma Studies

    International Organization for Migration

    International Trauma Studies Program at New York University

    Yale Fortunoff Archives (Holocaust)

Theatre and Performance

    Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue

    Theater Arts Against Political Violence (associated with
    the International Trauma Studies Program at NYU)

    Sarah Jones Website

    Margaret Cho Website

    The Bay Area Cantonese Opera

        Laura Ma Website

        Stacy Fong Website

        Emma Fong Website

Feelings, Emotion, Sentiment

    Requiem for a Dream

AIDS Activism

    ACT UP/NY (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)

        ACT UP Oral History Project

        DIVA TV

        DIVA TV's Ashes Action 1992

        Fever in the Archive

    The Estate Project for artists with AIDS

        AIDS Activist Video Preservation Project

        Artery: The AIDS Art Forum

    Gay and Lesbian Collection; HIV/AIDS Collection
    of the New York Public Library (including the Royal S. Marks
    AIDS Activist Video Collection)

    Community Activists in New York City

    New Jersey Woman and AIDS Network (NJWAN)

    Gregg Bordowitz's video, Fast Trip, Long Drop (1993)

        Museum of Contemporary Art Review

        Interview with Bordowitz (AIDS Art Forum)


    United Nations Special Session on HIV/AIDS

    Health GAP (Global Access Project)

    South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign


    Lesbian Herstory Archives

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