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S&F Online in the Classroom

Faculty - Consider using The Scholar & Feminist Online in your course!

Here's how:

· Include an article (or art piece) from the journal on your syllabus

· Schedule a live chat between your students and a pre-eminent scholar, artist, or activist who has contributed to the journal and who is relevant to your syllabus

· Challenge students to write an essay or create a multimedia installment for possible publication on a "student" area included in selected issues related to your course

· Have your class participate in an online discussion about possible meanings and purposes for a new kind of feminist publication

· Develop a course web site that functions as a "mirror site" in which students respond to questions raised by an issue of the journal that relates to your course

The Barnard Center for Research on Women and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Research are at your service to help make the journal part of your course. For additional information, please e-mail The Barnard Center for Research on Women. We look forward to working with you.

S&F Online - Issue 2.1, Public Sentiments - Ann Cvetkovich and Ann Pellegrini, Guest Editors - ©2003.