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Issue: 7.3: Summer 2009
Guest Edited by Kate Bedford and Janet R. Jakobsen
Toward a Vision of Sexual and Economic Justice
In This Issue
by Kate Bedford

About this Issue
by Kate Bedford

About the Contributors

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Part 1: Grounding
Reproduction and Democratization
a lecture by Josephine Ho

The Shock Doctrine
a lecture by Naomi Klein

assembled at the colloquium

Part 2: Tilling
If Not Mere Metaphor . . . Sexual Economies Reconsidered
by Neferti Tadiar

(Re)Producing Social Justice After Neoliberalism
by Lisa Duggan

Envisioning Economic and Sexual Justice Spatially
by Jon Binnie

Image by Fatimah Tuggar
Part 3: Movements
Sex at the Forum: Sexual Justice and the Alter-Globalization Movement
by Ara Wilson

Sexuality and "The Left": Thoughts on Intersections and Visceral Others
by Svati P. Shah

Queer Activism, Feminism and the Transnational Labor Movement
by Mary Margaret Fonow and Suzanne Franzway

Part 4: Issues
Adoption, Immigration, and Privatization: Transnational Transformations in Family
by Laura Briggs

Queer Lockdown: Coming to Terms with the Ongoing Criminalization of LGBTQ Communities
by Ann Cammett

Sex Scandals, "Responsible Fatherhood" and the 2008 Election Campaign: When "Sex Talk" Trumps Race and Class
by Anna Marie Smith

Women in South African AIDS Activism: Towards a Feminist Economic and Political Agenda to Address the Epidemic
by Mandisa Mbali

Part 5: Galleries
curator's statement by Carrie Moyer
fierce pussy
Chitra Ganesh
Deborah Grant
Esperanza Mayobre
Sheila Pepe
Mickalene Thomas
Fatimah Tuggar

curator's statement by Martina Pachmanová
Erika Bornová
Katerina Vincourova

This issue was made possible in part by a grant from the Ford Foundation. The statements made and views expressed are solely the responsibility of the authors.
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