Issue 13.2 | Spring 2016 / Guest edited by Soniya Munshi and Craig Willse

Navigating Neoliberalism in the Academy, Nonprofits, and Beyond

Legal Equality and the (After?)Math of Eugenics
by Dean Spade and Rori Rohlfs

Collaborations Across Art, Activism, and the Academy

Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues: Understanding the Nonprofit Industrial Complex
videos by Dean Spade and Hope Dector
featuring Christine Ahn, Trishala Deb, Kenyon Farrow, Reina Gossett, Shira Hassan, Paulina Helm-Hernandez, Imani Henry, Amber Hollibaugh, N’Tanya Lee, Andrea Ritchie, Dean Spade, Urvashi Vaid, Jason Walker, and Craig Willse

Mapping Police Violence in Los Angeles
by Treva Ellison and Colby Lenz

The Academic Boycott of Israel
by Soniya Munshi and Craig Willse

Archive from Below: Selections from Interference Archive
an exhibit curated by Lani Hanna and Vero Ordaz