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Issue: 7.1: Fall 2008
Guest Edited by Lisa Bloom, Elena Glasberg and Laura Kay
Gender on Ice
In This Issue
by Lisa Bloom, Elena Glasberg and
Laura Kay

About this Issue
by Gisela Fosado

About the Contributors

Recommended Reading

Online Resources

Part 1: Online Gallery
Online Gallery
Subhankar Banerjee
Joyce Campbell
Andrea Juan
Isaac Julien
An-My Lê
Jane D. Marsching
Anne Noble
Andrea Polli
Annie Pootoogook
Connie Samaras
Marina Zurkow

Part 2: Living Ice
America Dreams
by Connie Samaras

Taking the Temperature of True North
by Monica L. Miller

Polar Fantasies and Aesthetics in the Work of Isaac Julien and Connie Samaras
by Lisa Bloom

Blankness in the Antarctic Landscape of An-My Lê
by Elena Glasberg

Environmental Change, Indigenous Knowledge, and Subsistence on Alaska's North Slope
by Chris Cuomo, Wendy Eisner and Kenneth Hinkel

Sovereignty from the North
by Mary Simon

Inventing Mina Benson Hubbard: From her 1905 Expedition across Labrador to her 2005 Centennial (and Beyond)
by Sherrill Grace

Hot Bodies in Cold Zones: Arctic Exploration
by Gísli Pálsson

Part 3: Ice People
Making Ice People
an interview with Anne Aghion
by Laura Kay

What It Takes to Get There
an interview with Barbara Hillary
by Laura Kay

At the Bottom of the World
by Heidi Lim

Antarctica Remix
an interview with DJ Spooky (Paul Miller)
by Elena Glasberg

Daryl Xavier: On Thick Ice
by Lisa Rand

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