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Volume 3, Number 2, Winter 2005 Monica L. Miller, Guest Editor
Jumpin' at the Sun: Reassessing the
Life and Work of Zora Neale Hurston
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Esinam Bediako
·No Place Like . . . : On Living in a Small Brown Place Self, Space, and Universe(city)
Alexis Gumbs
·White Girl Oh White Girl
Leah King

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White Girl Oh White Girl

Leah King

White girl oh white girl
Please don't touch my hair
Oh White Girl at Barnard
You guys are everywhere

In a city as big
As this mega-metropolis
I am shocked and surprised
You revel in ignorance's bliss

But you read, write, and create
For the Ivy League you were born
New York's opportunities are endless
Yet you rarely leave your dorm

You question great philosophers
And read complicated manifestos
Write papers on globalization
And the dangers of asbestos

You can debate how America's power usurpation
And disregard for slave labor
Fuels Third World economies
And tips all politics somehow in our favor

Yet you sit here and ask me
How you can get hair like mine
And ask why people still complain about racism
While in your perspective, everything seems "just fine!"

The next time you see me passing
Without my curly head bowed
Know that for some reason at Barnard
It's always my job to be loud.

Remember education is a privilege
Humility can't be taught
And feminism goes beyond
Your own circle of thought.

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