“Genetics is a Study in Faith”: Forensic DNA, Kinship Analysis, and the Ethics of Care in Post-conflict Latin America

“Mi nombre no es XX.” Throughout Guatemala, on postcards, calendars, bookmarks, and posters, the dead are speaking. Fifteen years after the signing of the peace accords, and thirty years after the burned earth campaign, where the military slaughtered 200,000 people to stamp out the manufactured threat of a Marxist takeover of the Guatemalan highlands, the […]

At the Intersection of Urban Renewal and Anti-trafficking Projects: Neoliberalism and a Red-light District in Seoul, South Korea

In January 2009, we started a photovoice project with ten women sex workers in the Yongsan red-light district, an area targeted for demolition. Together with its surrounding neighborhoods, the red-light district occupied a prime location in front of a major train station in Seoul. A week after the project was begun, the National Alliance of […]

Detroit Youth Passages Photovoice Project

This photovoice project increased awareness about issues of violence and sexual vulnerabilities to youth, their communities, and policy makers through photo exhibitions and other community events. Youth learned photography skills, interacted in group settings, engaged in critical discussions about important issues affecting their health, wrote reflective stories about their photos, and engaged in policy change […]

Ecstatic Corona

I was born in Corona Queens Into a childhood that was hard And as the psychoanalytic theories go, Bits and pieces split off, Bits and pieces that could not grow Left there on the streets but still wanting a space in which to play to make believe, to find a way, to keep the future […]

Getting the Hang of It

In the opening scene of Iquo Essien’s short film, The People vs. Aissatou Ba, we look in on a dimly lit, nondescript room of the type one imagines police interrogations take place in. There, seated at a small table, we see a slim, fair-skinned African woman who is being coached for an important upcoming interview. […]

Left Queer

In my forthcoming book, Safe Space: Gay Neighborhood History and the Politics of Violence, I describe how the fight against violence and for safety has propelled a wide mix of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activist and community-based campaigns in the US over the past fifty years.[1] I contend that an analysis of these […]

Thinking Neoliberalism, Gender, Justice

Probably the most significant break between articulations of neoliberalism lies between the older (Marxist) tradition of “political economy” and the Foucauldian threads that have delineated the characteristics of “neoliberal governmentality.” These literatures and their related political projects, based on fundamentally different ideas about the nature of political power, barely speak to each other. For those […]

What’s Home Got to Do with It? Unsheltered Queer Youth

D was 17 years old when she was kicked out of her mother’s house. D’s mother didn’t accept D’s sexuality. While she was never able to state honestly that it was D’s sexuality or gender expression that was an issue, she constantly tried to change who D was. She fought with D about who her […]

This is What Pride Looks Like: Miss Major and the Violence, Poverty, and Incarceration of Low-Income Transgender Women

“Just because there’s this umbrella, LGBT, we’re all grouped together. But guess what? Someone poked a hole in the umbrella and the girls are still getting wet.” —Miss Major I first met Miss Major socially in 2005 at the apartment of a mutual friend in the Bay Area; her then boyfriend, 30 years her junior, […]

We Need to Dream a Bolder Dream: The Politics of Fear and Queer Struggles for Safe Communities

It is time for progressive queers to open up a fundamentally different and more expansive conversation around anti-queer violence and the creation of safe communities—a conversation that this time includes all queer communities, not merely the most racially and economically privileged of us. A conversation emphasizing the integrity of community relationships and commitment to the […]