Feminisms in the World

A response to the panel “Building and Rebuilding Societies in Africa” at the conference Activism and the Academy: Celebrating 40 Years of Feminist Scholarship and Action. Watch the video here: Four years ago, BCRW began an initiative to build on the deep research and scholar-activist interests of Barnard faculty engaged in transnational feminist work. The […]

Iranian Women in Protest: 1953, 1978, 2009

In the summer of 2009 Golbarg Bashi[1] and I had an online conversation about a set of photographs that she had assembled of Iranian women in protest: 1953 in Tehran, on the heels of the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, which resulted in the CIA-engineered coup that ousted him; […]

Schizophrenic Techniques: Cybernetics, the Human Sciences, and the Double Bind

In 1969 in a symposium on schizophrenia and the double bind at the National Institute of Mental Health, the cybernetician and ethnographer Gregory Bateson stood before an audience of some of the most prominent psychiatrists and psychologists in the world and proceeded to discuss the mental life of animals. This was not a question of […]