“walkin on the edges of the galaxy”: Queer Choreopoetic Thought in the African Diaspora

In her 1978 essay, “takin a solo/ a poetic possibility/ a poetic imperative,” Ntozake Shange interrogates literatures and criticism that submit to demands of racial representation over the possibilities of creative expression. Critiquing US literary culture’s tendency to reward writers whose voices reinforce prefabricated models of blackness, Shange observes that that, “if you are… female […]

Detroit Youth Passages Photovoice Project

This photovoice project increased awareness about issues of violence and sexual vulnerabilities to youth, their communities, and policy makers through photo exhibitions and other community events. Youth learned photography skills, interacted in group settings, engaged in critical discussions about important issues affecting their health, wrote reflective stories about their photos, and engaged in policy change […]

Curating “Physical Cinema” at Sundance’s New Frontier

Curatorial practices around film, video, and new media technology carry the potential to repossess and radicalize the heart of cinema. This article posits New Frontier, a program of the Sundance Film Festival, as one manifestation of contemporary feminist curatorial and artist work redefining the terms of our engagement with cinematic technologies and storytelling practices. Senior […]

The FIERCE Fight for Power and the Preservation of Public Space in the West Village

In 1998 New York state signed the Hudson River Park Act into law, which essentially created a public-private partnership to develop the dilapidated piers from Battery Park to 59th Street along the West Side of Manhattan. The Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) was born as the overseers for the future development of each pier, one […]

Sex Work and Queer Politics in Three Acts

Sex work has always been relevant to queer and trans communities, both as a livelihood option and as an issue that critically informs the space between social and political margins, and the centralities of queer and trans communities. The vital set of issues raised by the intersections of sex worker and queer populations has not […]

Defining Desires and Dangerous Decisions

Reprinted with permission from My Dangerous Desires: A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2000). The power of desire and its often dangerous consequences are among the most important human experiences, directing many of the choices we make throughout much of life. They mark and shape us, open us up […]

About this Issue

With this issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online, the Barnard Center for Research on Women celebrates our ongoing collaboration with Queers for Economic Justice. Through this partnership, we have been engaging activists, academics and organizers around a vision and practice of cross-issue organizing that sees gender and sex as central to issues like immigration, […]