“Más Bebés?”: An Investigation of the Sterilization of Mexican-American Women at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center during the 1960s and 70s

“Jovita Rivera said a doctor told her she should have her ‘tubes tied’ because her children were a burden on the government …” —Los Angeles Times, June 19, 1975 “And this lady came, I don’t remember seeing her face, I just remember her voice telling me, ‘Mijita, you better sign those papers or your baby […]

Transvaginal Sound: Politics and Performance

A women’s health advocate and a male doctor sit side-by-side. Together they are organizing a women’s clinic that will provide prenatal care and educate women about their reproductive health. Opposite them on the other side of a wide wooden table sits a nun in full habit. The doctor and the advocate watch attentively as the […]

“A Grateful Subject”: Legal Abortion, Clientelism, and Health Rights in Mexico City

The construction of subjective notions of rights related to sexuality and/or reproduction is a relevant and timely field of research in contemporary Mexico. From the perspective of Latin American social psychology, I am interested in the analysis of processes that impinge on people recognizing themselves as subjects of “sexual” and/or “reproductive” rights, and the social […]