Double Exposure—Sex Workers, Biomedical Prevention Trials, and the Dual Logic of Global Public Health

All clinical trials involve an implicit social contract whose redistributive politics are rarely questioned. A small population of research subjects (perhaps a few thousand at most) will be subjected to the unknown risks of consuming an investigational new drug so that these risks will become calculable for the population at large. Unknown risks for the […]

Fat Bodies/Thin Critique: Animating and Absorbing Fat Embodiments

The Pixar/Disney film Wall-E (2008) presents a dystopian vision of the future, where Earth has become overwhelmed by trash and pollution due to a culture of excess consumption, forcing humans to evacuate the planet and live in a starliner traveling in space owned and operated by the megacorporation, Buy n Large. Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load […]

Defying Realpolitik: Human Rights and the HIV Entry Bar

This is the story of how we won; of how a coalition of advocates and activists came together and used a rights-based argument to lift a 23-year-old US bar on the entry, residence, and stay of HIV-positive people. We were told our objective was unrealistic and that our tactics wouldn’t work. Yet, after a little […]

Sex Work and Queer Politics in Three Acts

Sex work has always been relevant to queer and trans communities, both as a livelihood option and as an issue that critically informs the space between social and political margins, and the centralities of queer and trans communities. The vital set of issues raised by the intersections of sex worker and queer populations has not […]