At the Limits of “By and For”: Space, Struggle, and the Nonprofitization of Queer Youth

In the fall of 2010, I received an email solicitation that began: “It’s been said that the act of coming out is a political act. I disagree. Hardly a week goes by when a sports figure, actor, musician or another celebrity comes out with little fanfare. The political act has become a more personal act. […]

More than Access: College Programs in Prison and Transforming Education

By working to serve individual students, do we suggest the correctness and justness of the institutions and systems that they find themselves in and that we support with our own work? Conversely, by working to address the manifest injustices in such a system, do we neglect the individual lives presently caught within it? I would […]

Unsettling Innocence: Rewriting The Law’s Invention of Immigrant Woman as Cooperator and Criminal Enforcer

Introduction In February 2009, I sat down to speak with K.S., an attorney who worked with a nonprofit organization that primarily served domestic violence survivors from Asian immigrant communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.[1] We met earlier that year when I began working with K.S.’s organization. As she described the details of her daily […]

Legal Equality, Gay Numbers and the (After?)Math of Eugenics

Implicit in Foucault’s concept is the notion that the exact moment these modes of governmentality are reproducing the relations of rule, they are also providing the vocabulary for the contestations to those relations of rule. —Grace Hong[1] [LGBT-supportive policies] are linked to positive business-related outcomes including the corporate bottom line. —Williams Institute[2] Introduction In recent […]

Sovereignty Will Not Be Funded: “Good” Indigenous Citizenship in Hawai‘i’s Nonprofit-Industrial Complex

This essay investigates the role of the nonprofit-industrial complex in contemporary Native Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli[1] political movements. There is no simple way to characterize the many political directions Native Hawaiians move in today—some participate in the highest levels of the United States legislature, and others stake out their own claims to sovereignty, territory, and independence as […]

Are the Cops in our Heads and Hearts?

Reprinted with permission from The Revolution Will Not be Funded (edited by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. Boston: South End Press, 2009). Like many other activists on the left, I have been struggling with the contradictions found in organizing work here in the United States. I have worked in community-based organizing, both within and […]

Activism and the Academy: A Utopian Proposition

If happiness and optimism appear too often as individual, psychological, overbearing and annoying to those excluded from their complacent joys, doesn’t hope sometimes arrive in collective, political and insurgent forms? …. [W]hat might the impact of mobilized hopefulness … be? That is the animating question for the political present. Can collective hope without delusion or […]

Occuprint Posters

Introduction to the Occuprint Collection Like many parts of the #Occupy movement, Occuprint had its origins in the spur of the moment, in the rush and excitement and fresh air of an emerging social movement. In November 2011, within weeks of the initial occupation of Zuccotti Park, a small group of artist-activists launched an effort […]

Another World is Possible

A response to the panel “Using Knowledge, Advancing Activism” at the conference Activism and the Academy: Celebrating 40 Years of Feminist Scholarship and Action. Watch the video here: The Activism and the Academy Conference, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW), could not have been more timely. The BCRW […]

Imagining Otherwise: Educated Hope and Emancipatory Knowledge

A response to the panel “Using Knowledge, Advancing Activism” at the conference Activism and the Academy: Celebrating 40 Years of Feminist Scholarship and Action. Watch the video here: As I was writing my comments for the Campus Activism panel at the 2011 Activism and the Academy Conference, I was aware of the historicity of the […]