Local Autonomy Networks: Post-Digital Networks, Post-Corporate Communications

March 27, 2014 University of Toronto From the colloquia series “Feminist & Queer Approaches to Technoscience” Gabby Resch: micha cárdenas has one of those really rich, descriptive bios that looks great on paper and screen, but is so much more interesting and revealing when you peel back the layers and discover this really rich map […]

Paradoxes of Neoliberalism

Paradoxes of Neoliberalism is a video by the Barnard Center for Research on Women, featuring interviews with Sealing Cheng, Lisa Duggan, Dean Spade, Elizabeth Bernstein, Miranda Joseph, Sandra K. Soto, Teresa Gowan, and Kate Bedford. As Professor Cheng describes in the video’s opening sequence, the economics and politics of neoliberalism are riddled with paradoxes and […]

What is Neoliberalism?

What is Neoliberalism? is a video by the Barnard Center for Research on Women, featuring interviews with Lisa Duggan, Miranda Joseph, Sealing Cheng, Elizabeth Bernstein, Dean Spade, Sandra K. Soto, Teresa Gowan, and Ana Amuchástegui. In the video, contributors describe the various meanings that have been attributed to the term “neoliberalism,” the neoliberal economic policies […]

Getting the Hang of It

In the opening scene of Iquo Essien’s short film, The People vs. Aissatou Ba, we look in on a dimly lit, nondescript room of the type one imagines police interrogations take place in. There, seated at a small table, we see a slim, fair-skinned African woman who is being coached for an important upcoming interview. […]

Neoliberalism and Attrition in Arizona

I am approaching questions about gender, justice, and neoliberal transformations through my ongoing efforts to understand the attacks on ethnic studies and (im)migrants in the state of Arizona, as well as my desire to bring feminist/queer analysis and politics to the activist/educational strategies used to push back against those attacks.[1] I think that neoliberalism is […]

Neoliberalism, Migrant Women, and the Commodification of Care

This paper attempts to address three questions: What do we mean by “neoliberalism”? How can we specify and respond to relationships between distinct institutional domains, particularly the politics of migration and care? What are the implications of this moment of economic and cultural restructuring for activist projects, feminist politics, and critique? I will discuss these […]

Securing Rights and Seeking Justice in the US Deportation Regime

State-Led Assault on Migrants and Sex Workers A repressive immigration regime premised on raids, arrests, and deportations has profoundly shaped US antitrafficking policy. Only a small number—under 4,000—of exploited migrants have been assisted by antitrafficking policies. Meanwhile, vast numbers of migrant workers labor unprotected and live in fear of detection and deportation. Under the rubric […]

Thinking Through “Neoliberalism” in the Twenty-first Century

Article note.[1] The term “neoliberalism” has come to mark an era. In its initial instantiations, this term described a critique of a set of economic policies that included privatization and lowering tariffs pertaining to imports and exports of raw materials and retail goods. The latter set of policies, also known as “free trade” agreements, drove […]