Poop Worlds: Material Culture and Copropower (or, Toward a Shitty Turn)

There is something virtually every reader of this essay has done or will do today. Poop. Maybe on the run in a public stall or during a cherished break while reading or staring off. Most likely not into a diaper, but maybe you’ll clean one up. Poop unites us in a collective flow of fecund, […]

A Hole in the Sky

Download “A Hole in the Sky” (PDF) here. Reprinted with permission from World Literature Today. During his distinguished career, Nigerian born writer Niyi Osundare has worked in a variety of genres from scholarly essays to plays and poetry. His works include Songs of the Market Place (1984), Waiting Laughters (1990) Songs of the Season (1990), […]

Distributed Reproduction, Chemical Violence, and Latency

Remains fall to the shallow sea floor. Silt and sand accumulate above.[1] Centuries tick by, the sea dries, and a thick layer of sediment presses. Once live matter transforms and waits in the geological archive. Then, in 1860, long dormant oil is pulled into activity by North America’s first commercial oil well in Oil Springs, […]

“Yes to Life = No to Mining:” Counting as Biotechnology in Life (Ltd) Guatemala

Poor people are easy to buy. —San Miguel Ixtahuacán choir Our defeat was always implicit in the victory of others. Our wealth has always generated our poverty by nourishing the prosperity of others, the empires and their overseers. In the colonial and neo-colonial alchemy, gold turns into scrap metal and food into poison. —Eduardo Galeano […]

Killing Time (Slow Catastrophe)

At the crossroads of Louisiana’s Highway 1 and a $480 LEICA D-LUX 3 digital camera, at the intersection of disaster tourism and the blind field that animates branded images of catastrophe, signs of the times appear.   Today, the anticipation of disaster operates politically to govern time itself—repeatedly activating imagined futures in the present moment […]