Neoliberalism seems to mean many different things depending on one’s vantage point. — Aihwa Ong[1] Only an interconnected, analytically diverse, cross-fertilizing and expansive left can seize this moment to lead us elsewhere.” — Lisa Duggan[2] The interrelated social processes that have come to cluster under the term “neoliberalism” can provide important insights into the social […]

Domestic Work, Neoliberalism, and Transforming Labor

Neoliberalism has created a new political, economic, and cultural context through deregulation, privatization, securitization, and the dismantling of the welfare state. These changes have had a contradictory impact on women. Proponents of neoliberalism have praised the benefits of an unfettered, market-driven economy, extolled the virtues of personal choice and economic individualism as the keys to […]

Neoliberalism, Migrant Women, and the Commodification of Care

This paper attempts to address three questions: What do we mean by “neoliberalism”? How can we specify and respond to relationships between distinct institutional domains, particularly the politics of migration and care? What are the implications of this moment of economic and cultural restructuring for activist projects, feminist politics, and critique? I will discuss these […]