Pursuing a Radical Anti-Violence Agenda Inside/Outside a Non-Profit Structure

Reprinted with permission from The Revolution Will Not be Funded (edited by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. Boston: South End Press, 2009). In the summer of 1999, Seattle Rape Relief (SRR), one of the first three rape crisis centers in the US, was closed by its board of directors. Founded in 1972 by women […]

Reproductive and Genetic Justice

This article is adapted from a keynote speech delivered at the national conference of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women in January 2007. Longing is a powerful feeling. It aches. It pangs. It rolls. It roils. It changes us. This longing is where I want to start because all of us have felt longing for […]

Cripping Queer Politics, or the Dangers of Neoliberalism

Some of the most confrontational contemporary disability politics seem closely related to a range of queer activisms from the past few decades. Of course, many self-identified “crips”—a term increasingly embraced across the spectrum of disability, not solely by those with mobility impairments—also identify as queer. Many others would insist that the defiant reclaiming and reinvention […]