Activism and the Academy: A Utopian Proposition

If happiness and optimism appear too often as individual, psychological, overbearing and annoying to those excluded from their complacent joys, doesn’t hope sometimes arrive in collective, political and insurgent forms? …. [W]hat might the impact of mobilized hopefulness … be? That is the animating question for the political present. Can collective hope without delusion or […]

Toward Imaginative World-building

A response to the panel “Using Knowledge, Advancing Activism” at the conference Activism and the Academy: Celebrating 40 Years of Feminist Scholarship and Action. Watch the video here: I was asked to offer some brief reflections on the panel, “Using Knowledge, Advancing Activism,” one of the many thoughtful and provocative sessions featured at the Barnard […]

The Subject of the Phantasm: Affect, Immersion, and Difference in Avatar

There was once a painter who one day painted a landscape. It was a beautiful valley with wonderful trees and with a winding path leading away toward the mountains. The artist was so delighted with his picture that he felt an irresistible urge to walk along the path winding away towards the distant mountains. He […]

A Naturalcultural Collection of Affections: Transdisciplinary Stories of Transmedia Ecologies Learning

This platform/paper is a multimedia bibliographic essay with an argument: working out in a posthumanities multiverse of articulating disciplines, interdisciplines, and multidisciplinarities requires a feminist practice of transdisciplinary inspection. Such inspection actually allows us to enjoy these many flavors of details, offerings, passions, languages, and things encountered while traveling the bibliographic among knowledge worlds, even […]

In the Aporia of Ontology and Epistemology: Toward a Politics of Measure

There is no ontology that does not legislate for its own empowerment technologically in the sense of prescribing the means for its own enablement and … there is no technology that is not an expression of ontology, of presumptions concerning the fundaments of existence said to enable technology to be technological. —Michael Dillon[1] The concerns […]