Neoliberalism seems to mean many different things depending on one’s vantage point. — Aihwa Ong[1] Only an interconnected, analytically diverse, cross-fertilizing and expansive left can seize this moment to lead us elsewhere.” — Lisa Duggan[2] The interrelated social processes that have come to cluster under the term “neoliberalism” can provide important insights into the social […]

Paradoxes of Neoliberalism

Paradoxes of Neoliberalism is a video by the Barnard Center for Research on Women, featuring interviews with Sealing Cheng, Lisa Duggan, Dean Spade, Elizabeth Bernstein, Miranda Joseph, Sandra K. Soto, Teresa Gowan, and Kate Bedford. As Professor Cheng describes in the video’s opening sequence, the economics and politics of neoliberalism are riddled with paradoxes and […]

What is Neoliberalism?

What is Neoliberalism? is a video by the Barnard Center for Research on Women, featuring interviews with Lisa Duggan, Miranda Joseph, Sealing Cheng, Elizabeth Bernstein, Dean Spade, Sandra K. Soto, Teresa Gowan, and Ana Amuchástegui. In the video, contributors describe the various meanings that have been attributed to the term “neoliberalism,” the neoliberal economic policies […]

Neoliberal Jurisprudence: Refashioning the “Drugs Lifestyle”

I take the term “neoliberalism” as a useful reference to social, cultural, and political shifts that have occurred in the wake of economic globalization, particularly the shift of industrial production from the neocolonial metropole to the formerly colonized world that occurred during the 1970s and 1980s. In the United States, I see the shift as […]

Thinking Neoliberalism, Gender, Justice

Probably the most significant break between articulations of neoliberalism lies between the older (Marxist) tradition of “political economy” and the Foucauldian threads that have delineated the characteristics of “neoliberal governmentality.” These literatures and their related political projects, based on fundamentally different ideas about the nature of political power, barely speak to each other. For those […]

A Brief History of Queer Experience with Addiction and Recovery

Introduction: A Story It was summertime and we were having a get-together with my father’s family out in back of my grandfather’s farmhouse in southern Maryland. I was very young and sitting on my uncle’s lap and enjoying all of the activity, especially the male attention I was getting from my uncles. I coyly asked […]

This is What Pride Looks Like: Miss Major and the Violence, Poverty, and Incarceration of Low-Income Transgender Women

“Just because there’s this umbrella, LGBT, we’re all grouped together. But guess what? Someone poked a hole in the umbrella and the girls are still getting wet.” —Miss Major I first met Miss Major socially in 2005 at the apartment of a mutual friend in the Bay Area; her then boyfriend, 30 years her junior, […]