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Double Issue: Volume 3, Number 3, Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2005 Janet Jakobsen, David Hopson, Editors
The Scholar and Feminist XXX
Past Controversies, Present Challenges
Future Feminisms
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Past Conferences


April 21, 1979
Conference Program (PDF, 328 KB)

Morning Session

Welcoming Remarks
Jacquelyn Anderson Mattfeld, President, Barnard College
Difference, Relation, and Gender in Psychoanalytic Perspective
Nancy Chodorow, University of California-Santa Cruz
The Powers of Difference
Josette Féral, University of Toronto
The Straight Mind
Monique Wittig, writer: The Opoponax, Les Guérillères, The Lesbian Body

Moderator: Alice Jardine, Columbia University

Panel Discussion

Difference and Language
Audre Lorde, poet, CUNY-John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Christiane Makward, Pennsylvania State University
Sally McConnell-Ginet, Cornell University

Moderator: Domna Stanton, Rutgers University and Signs

Afternoon Workshops

  1. Mothers and Daughters
    Jane Flax, Howard University
  2. The Dialectical Treatment of Difference
    Alice Kessler-Harris, Hofstra University
  3. The Anxiety of Difference: Rereading Mme Bovary
    Naomi Schor, Brown University
  4. Lesbianism and the Social Function of Taboo
    Pamella Farley, CUNY-Brooklyn College and Barnard College (spring '79)
  5. Women and the Uses of Power
    Elizabeth Janeway, author of Man's World, Women's Place and Between Myth and Morning
  6. Black Women and Feminism
    Barbara Omolade, Women's Action Alliance
  7. Androgyny and the Psychology of Sex Differences
    Carolyn Heilbrun, Columbia University
  8. Psychoanalysis and Feminism in France
    Carolyn G. Burke, University of California-Santa Cruz
    Jane Gallop, Miami University
  9. Sexual Differences Artistic Production: The Debate over a Female Aesthetic
    Rachel Blau Du Plessis, Temple University
  10. Mothers/Daughters/Sisters: Separation and Survival
    Clare Coss, Sondra Segal, Roberta Sklar, The Women's Experimental Theatre
  11. Women in Power and Politics
    Ruth W. Messinger, The Council of the City of New York
  12. Differences in Women's Thinking about Self and Morality
    Carol Gilligan, Harvard University Graduate School of Education and Wellesley Center for Research on Women
  13. Visibility and Difference: Black Feminism in History and Literature
    Quandra Stadler, Barnard College
  14. Domination and Difference: The Roots of Rational Violence
    Jessica Benjamin, The New York Institute for Humanities, New York University
  15. The Sociobiological Rationale for Women's Oppression
    Eleanor Leacock, CUNY-City College

Academic Coordinator
Alice Jardine
Planning Committee
Louise Adler, Roberta Bernstein, Mary Jane Ciccarello, Hester Eisenstein, Irene Finel-Honigman, Suzanne Hanchett, Nancy K. Miller, Elizabeth Minnich, Ellen Pollak, Susan R. Sacks, Philippa Strum, Kathryn B. Yatrakis
Conference Coordinators, Women's Center
Jane S. Gould, Janie Kritzman

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