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Volume 2, Number 2Elizabeth Castelli, Guest Editor
On Violence
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Part 1
Erosion of Democracy: Government Lies and Misinformation, article by Jody Williams
Biblical Promise and Threat in US Imperial Rhetoric, article by Erin Runions
Feminism in the Time of Violence, article by Karen Beckman
Part 2
US Foreign Policy Post September 11, article by Neta Crawford
Feminists and Forward Command Posts, article by Lois Ann Lorentzen
The Politics of Oil in Africa, article by Meredeth Turshen
Neoliberalism Versus Global Feminism: Crisis and Opportunity, article by Lisa Duggan
Panel Discussion featuring Cheri Honkala, Winona LaDuke, Kate Rhee and Daphne Wysham, report by Elizabeth Castelli
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