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Double Issue: 9.1-9.2: Fall 2010 / Spring 2011
Guest Edited by Rebecca Jordan-Young
Critical Conceptions: Technology, Justice, and the Global Reproductive Market
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In This Issue
by Rebecca Jordan-Young

About this Issue
by Catherine Sameh

About the Contributors

Recommended Reading

Online Resources

Part 1: Feminist Visions and Revisions
Transbiology: A Feminist Cultural Account of Being After IVF
by Sarah Franklin

Reading Critical Art Ensemble's Flesh Machine
a review by Rebecca Jordan-Young

Citizenship, Labor, and the Biopolitics of the Bioeconomy: Recruiting Female Tissue Donors for Stem-Cell Research
a lecture by Catherine Waldby

The subRosa Collective: Cyberfeminist Interventions
a review by Rebecca Jordan-Young

Globalized Motherhood: Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Context
an excerpt from a lecture by Wendy Chavkin

Assisted Reproduction as a Queer Thing
a review by Gwendolyn Beetham

Part 2: Unfavored Reproducers
Sterilization and the Ethics of Reproductive Technology: An Integral Approach
by Iris Lopez

La Operación
a film by Ana María García

Silent Choices
a film by Faith Pennick

Reproductive Carrots and Sticks
by Michele Bratcher Goodwin

Beyond Carrots and Sticks: Effective Public Education and Feminist Research in Conservative States
a response by Jeanne Flavin and Carol Mason

The Latest Case of Reproductive Carrots and Sticks: Race, Abortion and Sex Selection
a response by Sujatha Jesudason

Part 3: Unfavored Reproductions
The Difference that Disability Makes: Reproductive Justice through a Wider Lens
by Faye Ginsburg and Rayna Rapp

A Healthy Baby Girl
a film by Judith Helfand

a film by The Center for Bioethics and Culture

Part 4: Marketing 21st Century Reproduction
Building a Better Baby Business
by Debora Spar and Anna Harrington

Interrogating Narratives About the Global Surrogacy Market
by Susan Markens

Medicine, Markets and the Pregnant Body: Indian Commercial Surrogacy and Reproductive Labor in a Transnational Frame
by Kalindi Vora

Made in India
a film by Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha

Part 5: Adoption: Political Economy of a Soft Technology
Adopting Technologies: Producing Race in Trans-racial Adoption
by Claudia Castañeda

Adoption and the Politics of Modern Families
by Jessaca Leinaweaver

The Distance Traveled: Reading Leinaweaver and Castañeda on Politics, Privilege, and Race in Transnational Adoption
a response by Karen Winkler

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