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Issue: 8.3: Summer 2010
Guest Edited by Mandy Van Deven and Julie Kubala
Polyphonic Feminisms: Acting in Concert

Online Resources

Media and Blogs

Angry Asian Man
Brokenbeautiful Press
Crunk Feminist Collective
Dollars & Sense
Democracy Now
Elevate Difference
Enough: The Personal Politics of Resisting Capitalism
Feminists with Disabilities for a Way Forward
Flip Flopping Joy
Global Voices Online
Guerrilla Mama Medicine
Hermana, Resist
Latino Sexuality
Mango Muslimah
Muslimah Media Watch
My Ecdysis
Nobody Passes (Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore)
Orion Magazine
School of Our Lorde
Taking Steps
To the Other Side of Dreaming
Wheelchair Dancer
Young Feminist Wire


Allied Media Projects
Aswat: Palestinian Gay Women
Audre Lorde Project
Blank Noise Project
Brown Girls Burlesque
Critical Resistance
Empowered FeFes
Friends of the Earth International
Generation Five
Girls for Gender Equity
INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence
Indigenous Environmental Network
Mangos with Chili
The New Mythos Tour
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
Organizing Upgrade
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
RightRides for Women's Safety
Ruckus Society
Seattle Young People's Project
SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
The Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Intersex Justice Project
Young Women's Empowerment Project

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