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Volume 3, Number 1, Fall 2004 Lisa Johnson, Guest Editor
Feminist Television Studies
The Case of HBO
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About the Contributors
Part 1: Good Guys, Bad Girls: Rescripting Gender on the Sopranos
The Ghost of Gary Cooper: Masculinity, Homosocial Bonding and The Sopranos; by Katherine Hyunmi Lee
The Stripper as Resisiting Reader: Stripper Iconography and Sex Worker Feminism; by Lisa Johnson
The Sopranos
Part 2: No More Shallow Graves: Women Unearthing Desire on Six Feet Under
Claire on the Couch: Discourses of Female Subjectivity, Desire, and Teenage Angst in Six Feet Under; by Janet McCabe
No Need for Fear or Secrets: Ruth Fisher and Grotesque Realism in Six Feet Under; Sherryl Wilson
Six Feet Under
Part 3: Sex and Feminist Media Studies: The Political Unconscious of Sex and the City
Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater: Miranda and the Myth of Maternal Instinct on Sex and the City; by Kim Akass
Charlotte Chooses Her Choice: Liberal Feminism on Sex and the City; by Beth Montemurro
Fabulousness as Fetish: Queer Politics in Sex and the City; by Cristy Turner
The Limits of Defamiliarization: Sex and the City as Late Heterosexuality; by Stephanie Harzewski
Why Television Burns: The Poems of Daphne Gottlieb
Sex and the City
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