Issue 11.1-11.2 | Fall 2012/Spring 2013 / Guest edited by Elizabeth Bernstein and Janet R. Jakobsen

Impossibility Now

“Impossibility Now” is a trans* politics manifesto by Dean Spade. This video was created for the February 2013 conference “Gender Talents: A Special Address,” which asked invited speakers to perform a manifesto. The video takes themes from Dean’s book, Normal Life, and illustrates them with images. Dean teamed up with filmmaker Basil Shadid to shoot and edit the film, and further edited with Hope Dector at the Barnard Center for Research on Women.

Captions are available on YouTube.

Los subtítulos en español se encuentran ahora disponibles para “Impossibility Now” en YouTube. Para activarlos, apretar CC y seleccionar Español.


The images in the video flash by quickly, so the annotated slideshow below provides an opportunity to look at them more slowly, learn more about what they depict, and click through to related web resources. Click the icon on the bottom right of the slideshow to view in full screen mode. Click on an individual image to access an online resource associated with that image.