Issue 11.1-11.2 | Fall 2012/Spring 2013 / Guest edited by Elizabeth Bernstein and Janet R. Jakobsen

Ecstatic Corona

I was born in Corona Queens
Into a childhood that was hard
And as the psychoanalytic theories go,
Bits and pieces split off,
Bits and pieces that could not grow
Left there on the streets but
still wanting a space in which to play
to make believe,
to find a way,
to keep the future from disintegrating into the unlivable unlived past.

I needed others who could see like me,
see those worlds full of disregard, hatred, sadness and grief
but insistent too with a life force to find something new.

I walked the streets of Corona
and as if one by one, each joined me, beside me walking
not in front or behind, just beside me
walking talking.
Together we made of Corona an ecstatic experience.

What can be seen and heard here are elements of Ecstatic Corona, a visual and sound multimedia performance using a remix of field recordings and electronic sounds, spoken words, and dance to bring Corona to you as an icon of those places created by various forces to bear more violence, more hatred and perhaps more love than other places do, a place where annihilation threatens but where survival is magnificent for all the effort and resilience it takes to survive. We have found Corona; we still are looking for Corona. We ask you to join us in seeking your CORONA too.