Issue 10.3 | Summer 2012 / Guest edited by Jonathan Beller

Dina Gadia

Artist Statement

A lot of my works are influenced from a variety of inspirations and interests such as 30s to 70s and “B” movie posters, album covers, pulp, old textbook illustrations, films, comics, obscure images and other pop sensibilities. I work both on collage and painting.

I use the artworks or images of previous generations as my own, recycling and reframing in order to create a new one by making fun of the images, twisting them, and injecting humorous juxtapositions.

My idea is not to please with my work. It has to be ugly in some way. Like a cult film, I choose my work to remain part of the “so bad it’s so good” variety. I want it raw, bad and tough yet funny.