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Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 2007 Gwendolyn Beetham and Jessica Valenti, Guest Editors
Blogging Feminism:
(Web)Sites of Resistance
About this Issue
About the Contributors

    Rebecca Traister
Video and Transcript: Blogging Feminism Panel Discussion, November 2006
    Gwendolyn Beetham, Alice Marwick, Michelle Riblett, Liza Sabater,
    Lauren Spees and Jessica Valenti

Part I: Cyberactivism and Online Movement Making
Race, Sexuality, Cyberactivism and the Legacy of Rashawn Brazell
    Marie Varghese
The Personal is Political: Feminist Blogging and Virtual Consciousness-Raising
    Tracy L. M. Kennedy
The Vulnerable Video Blogger: Promoting Social Change through Intimacy
    Patricia G. Lange

Part II: Women and Politics in the Blogosphere
Attracting Readers: Sex and Audience in the Blogosphere
    Clancy Ratliff
Where are the Women?: Pseudonymity and the Public Sphere, Then and Now
    Tedra Osell
Blogging Was Just the Beginning: Women's Voices are Louder Online
    Chris Nolan

Part III: Gender Disparity and Web Access
Access to Technology: Race, Gender, Class Bias
    Shireen Mitchell
Making the Virtual Real: Feminist Challenges in the Twenty-First Century
    Gillian Youngs

Part IV: Building Online Communities
We Are the Media
    Mary C. Matthews
A Flickering Motherhood: Korean Birthmothers' Internet Community
    Hosu Kim
The Little FemBlog that Wasn't
    Shira Tarrant

Afterword: Finding the Past in the Present
    Deborah Siegel

Blogging Feminism
Blogging Feminism
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