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Double Issue: 6.2-6.2: Fall 2007/Spring 2008
Guest Edited by Kaiama L. Glover
Josephine Baker: A Century in the Spotlight
In This Issue
Introduction: Why Josephine Baker?
by Kaiama L. Glover

About this Issue
by Gisela Fosado

About the Contributors

Recommended Reading

Online Resources

Part 1: Reflections in Josephine's Mirror
The Intelligent Body and Erotic Soul of Josephine Baker
a lecture by Margo Jefferson

Part 2: Paris' Call and Baker's Response
Synesthetic Rhythms: African American Music and Dance Through Parisian Eyes
by Terri J. Gordon

The New Woman and the New Empire: Josephine Baker and Changing Views of Femininity in Interwar France
by Tyler Stovall

Part 3: Baker's Craft
Whose Choreography?: Josephine Baker and the Question of (Dance) Authorship
by Anthea Kraut

The End of the Line: Josephine Baker and the Politics of Black Women's Corporeal Comedy
by Daphne Ann Brooks

Colonial, Postcolonial, and Diasporic Readings of Josephine Baker as Dancer and Performance Artist
by Mae Gwendolyn Henderson

Josephine Baker
Part 4: Staging Tensions, Crossing Borders, Dancing In-Between
Foil, Fiction, and Fantasm: 'Josephine Baker' in Princesse Tam Tam
by Claudine Raynaud

The Use-Value of 'Josephine Baker'
by Felicia McCarren

Part 5: Agent(?) Josephine
What Does Beyoncé See in Josephine Baker?: A Brief Film History of Sampling La Diva, La Bakaire
by Terri Francis

Adoptive Affinities: Josephine Baker's Humanist International
by Jonathan Eburne

Josephine Baker, Performance, and the Traumatic Real
by Walter Kalaidjian

Josephine Baker
Part 6: From Josephine Baker to Other 'Others'
Katherine Dunham on the French Stage (No Repeat of La Revue Nègre)
by Geneviève Fabre

Rediscovering Aïcha, Lucy and D'al-Al, Colored French Stage Artists
by Michel Fabre

Body and Soul: Josephine, Jane and Paulette
a lecture by Maryse Condé

After Josephine: Black American Women in the French Music Scene
a multimedia presentation by Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina

And She Set the Stage for Us
a dance performance by The Studio Museum in Harlem's "Hoofer's House" Dancers

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