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Issue: 7.2: Spring 2009
Guest Edited by Christine Cynn and Kim F. Hall
Rewriting Dispersal: Africana Gender Studies
In This Issue
by Christine Cynn and Kim F. Hall

About this Issue
by Gisela Fosado

About the Contributors

Recommended Reading

Online Resources

Part 1: The Art of History
"Heartsore": The Melancholy Archive of Cape Colony Slavery
by Yvette Christiansë

"She Better Off Dead than Jest Livin' for the Whip": Enslaved Women's Resistance in the Nineteenth-Century Cherokee Nation
by Celia Naylor

ANOTHER BUILDING dancing: Making Quarantine and Savoneta
by Gabri Christa

Holding on to the Memories
a story by Jackee Budesta Batanda
introduction by Kathryn Tobin

Alma Latina: The American Hemisphere's Racial Melodramas
by Hiram Perez

Paintings by Werewere Liking
Part 2: The Politics of Citizenship / The Performance of Politics
Race, Gender and Votes
a lecture by Lani Guinier

Barack Hussein Obama, or, The Name of the Father
by Tavia Nyong'o

Abolition Democracy and Global Politics
a lecture by Angela Davis

Negotiating with the Diaspora
an interview with Ama Ata Aidoo
by Nafeesah Allen

If I Had a Hundred Arms, I Would Do Many Things
an interview with Werewere Liking
by Christine Cynn

A Reunion of "Sisters": Personal Reflections on Diaspora and Women in Activist Discourse
by Makini Boothe

Part 3: The Black Diaspora and the Academy
Rethinking African Universities: Gender and Transformation
by Amina Mama

The Groundings with my Sisters: Toward a Black Diasporic Feminist Agenda in the Americas
by Keisha-Khan Y. Perry

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