Issue 10.1-10.2 | Fall 2011/Spring 2012 / Guest edited by Joseph N. DeFilippis, Lisa Duggan, Kenyon Farrow, and Richard Kim

QEJ in Action

The Barnard Center for Research on Women is delighted to showcase the work of photographer and photo-journalist Syd London. A selection of London’s vast archive has been organized and curated for this issue by Art Editor Lindsay Caplan. London’s work has appeared in nationally-renowned publications and in exhibits across the United States. As Queers for Economic Justice’s official documentarian, London has captured QEJ in action over many years and in a variety of settings. London’s work makes visible the incredible capacity of QEJ to integrate gender, sex and desire into organizing around racial and economic justice. Like the work of QEJ, London’s photographs are innovative, playful, hard-hitting, sexy, and deeply illustrative of a new queer agenda.

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