Issue 10.1-10.2 | Fall 2011/Spring 2012 / Guest edited by Joseph N. DeFilippis, Lisa Duggan, Kenyon Farrow, and Richard Kim

About this Issue

With this issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online, the Barnard Center for Research on Women celebrates our ongoing collaboration with Queers for Economic Justice. Through this partnership, we have been engaging activists, academics and organizers around a vision and practice of cross-issue organizing that sees gender and sex as central to issues like immigration, poverty, homelessness, gentrification, and drug use.

“A New Queer Agenda,” along with another QEJ/BCRW collaboration, Desiring Change, does not just assert that sex and gender are connected to a range of social issues, but shows how we can work together to build larger and more effective movements for justice around such connections. Like Desiring Change, “A New Queer Agenda” pushes beyond the vision of security and belonging offered through gay marriage to a broader politics of economic, political and sexual justice for all.

As we launch this issue and the Desiring Change report, stay tuned to BCRW’s and QEJ’s websites for announcements of public gatherings and events that engage the analysis offered both here and in Desiring Change with different audiences throughout New York and nation-wide.